Post Partum Resources

Introducing: Post Partum Resources

Can you believe it has already been 2 years since the creation of #thebeautifulstruggle !!

I can’t believe it either, but this December marked my miracle baby’s 2nd birthday, which means March 2019 will mark the 2 year anniversary since this post-partum healing platform was created.

I want to say a special thank you to all of you who have joined me in my “recording closet” as I recorded session after session of stories that have changed my life and I’m sure the lives of the hundreds of listeners who have since tuned in. A whole two years later.

This healing journey included some amazing tools and resources that have blessed not only my mind, body, and spirit, but also the healing of my family constellation.

What you might not know, is how birth trauma affects everyone in the immediate family dynamic. And even if trauma is not part of your personal Motherhood journey, your restoration post-birth, is still beneficial to the family constellation.

So, I am committed to sharing those resources with you all, and as a Maternal Wellness Advocate (someone who publicly supports & pushes for the holistic wellness of mother’s during all stages of her journey), I want to invite you to sign up for the newsletter that will be available at the top of the new year. In it, I will be sharing practical usage information in an educational series. The sign-up box will be located to the right of this post.

I have many more I will be sharing, but, in the meantime, I wanted to give a preview of one of these resources. Essential Oils.

If you’ve been following on our Instagram, you know that I’ve talked about the power of Frankincense .

I’ve used it in my scalp, under my feet, and as part of my c-section scar care protocol, particularly because it supports the reduction of inflammation. so putting a few drops in my base oil and lovingly rubbing it over my abdomen was a great way to reconnect with my sacral chakra and also my uterus.

One of the most ancient of essential oils, it’s also very powerful in aromatic usage as well. Putting a few drops in a diffuser can help to bring a grounding, peace inducing environment because its earthy fragrance directly impacts the limbic system. Energetically, it works to support a protected environment (it’s not a coincidence this particular incense was brought as a gift for Jesus’ birth. As Divinity, His space was to be made sacred. Matt 2:11).  As a mother recovering from birth trauma, this worked wonders for me, in helping me feel spiritually grounded and less anxious about Nat’s progress, as Frankincense positively affects neurotransmitters in the brain (stress response) .

And lastly, I’m not heavy in the beauty department, but I always keep a simple wash and moisturize routine, and adding 2-3 drops to my moisturizer has worked wonders, especially with my hormones fluctuating post-birth. 2 years later, it’s still heavy in rotation.

It’s so easy to hear about resources, get them, but then not know what exactly to do with them, get frustrated and then give up on them. Remember, essential oils are not a quick fix, heal you overnight, type of resource. It can provide powerful results, but that is only with consistent use as it is a holistic tool that the body naturally recognizes and will respond with positive effects.

But consistency and quality will always be key.

This is why education is so important to me- research, intuitive, and practical.  And deciding which “brand” to use as part of my advocacy was based in research, intuitive, and my practical use! My heart aligns with this particular brand and if you would like personal support, encouragement and guidance on post partum emotional restoration, I’m a DM or email away []

So go ahead, interact with me on Instagram or email me with questions. December offerings are special! Just in time to celebrate MY miracle!

Here’s a sneak peak at your personalized “Welcome to Post Partum Restoration” package.

Handcrafted herbal blend for vaginal steam, a FREE 5mL Wild Orange for aromatic abundance and warmth, and wellness guide. Photo Credit: Laura Eustache 





Life After Neonatal Loss: Claire Daniels Talks Embracing Motherhood a Second Time Around

Her first time with us, here at #thebeautifulstruggle, was marked by bravery- the courage to recant what it’s like being pregnant for the first time, but losing the baby under harrowing circumstances. 550709_10100794388775348_95031784_n

Claire Daniels is a survivor who let her guards down to share her story to lift up and shine a light on mother’s and father’s who are silently dealing with grief, sadness, and the fear of trying again.

But in this episode, we learn how life can take an unexpected turn as she humbly returns to shine a light on perseverance, faith, surrender, and the ultimate joy of becoming a Mother, once again.

This final episode of season two will leave you in awe of God’s power and grace, what happens when you face the fear of loss head on, and what it means to live with a heart open to love after loss.

Tune in to Claire’s episode below as she unpacks becoming a Mother after neonatal loss.



From Trial to Triumph: Fathiyyah Doster Talks Surviving Preeclampsia

“As a first-time mom, I didn’t know if this was normal.”

Multiple organ failure. More than 100 days in the hospital for recovery.

A mother, business owner, and educator, Fathiyyah Doster is making it her life’s mission to make sure every expecting mother is aware of the danger of Preeclampsia.IMG_20180123_170854_658

At almost 37 weeks, Fathiyyah recalls experiencing an abnormal sensation one evening, that made her wonder if she was going into labor. Thinking it was a little more than gas and bloating, she decided to call a friend.

Knowing her body and trusting her gut, she decided to go to the hospital and checked.

It’s a decision that saved her life.

Abnormally high blood pressure and experiencing a seizure on site, Fathiyyah would have no choice but to deliver her baby immediately.

What Fathiyyah recants for us in this episode is resiliency at its very best. We learn through her detailed storytelling that listening to your body is paramount, trusting its ability to heal and be restored is life-saving.

Listen in to her story below.





Miracles & Motherhood: Jessica McDermott Talks Life After Cancer

I’m a mom and I’m going to have to battle cancer as a business owner.

Jessica McDermott is more than a survivor.

She’s a victor.26233387_10102857782797242_7486435403895665930_o

At just six months post-partum, after the birth of her second child, Jessica discovered she had cancer.

At 24 years old. Let that sink in for a second.

When I first heard of Jessica’s story, I was halted in my tracks, wondering what must have been going through her mind? What was her body was going through, still pretty early post-partum, and just what would this diagnosis mean for her at the time?

We’ve never shied away from talking about the most harrowing experiences of health and motherhood, so I knew talking to her would be a must.

And what an amazingly insightful conversation it was.

Jessica candidly shares how she equipped herself emotionally to fight, how she mustered the courage to be there for not only herself, but her first child and fiance. Jessica bravely takes us through what it was like as an entrepreneur, having to put her business on hold, all in the name of courageously fighting, and overcoming, Hodgkin Lymphoma.

The most amazing part?  Learning she would become a new mom, again.

Listen in for an amazing recant of miracles, motherhood and what a cancer survivor doesn’t want to hear.


Dr. Naika Talks Wholeness, Wellness, & the Millennial Mom

  We have a tendency of separating ourselves from nature when we are in fact apart of nature.

#Selfcare, #Selflove, #Selfhealing

Millennial mom’s are being inundated with methods of keeping our bodies in optimal health. Whether you are trying to conceive, are successfully pregnant or navigating the changing waters of post-partum, there is some educational space devoted to teaching you something new.

But what about making these methods practical in a world so fast-paced?naika pic

Meet Dr. Naika Apeakorang.

A Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, and Herbalist, Dr. Naika specializes in hormones, digestion, and mind-body balance, but she also loves educating her local community through workshops. I loved Dr. Naika’s down-to-earth approach and knew she could help us sift through the overwhelming options of reconnecting our mind, body and spirit to nature.

She delivered.

From specific acupuncture points that help with gestational discomforts to which teas help tone the body post-birth, Dr. Naika helps us get grounded in it all.

Listen in below and don’t be afraid to stop, start, and rewind!