Guest Submissions (Open Now!)

Is there something motherhood as a millennial has taught you? Have you experienced something that has changed your perspective on life as a result of becoming a mother?  Is there an illness, circumstance or difficulty you’ve overcome and you’re ready to share? Is there a helpful, inspiring, encouraging tip you’d like to offer your fellow millennial mom? Do you have words of wisdom you’d like to share with a millennial gen mom?

We’d love to hear from you! During seasons of recording, have your story shared!

Short, succinct submissions of  500-700 words are welcomed. No more than 1,000 words.

Please send your submission to with the subject:

Guest Submission + “Title”

Guidelines include:

  • Free from spelling/grammatical errors
  • Free from sponsored content
  • 12-pt font, Times New Roman
  • Tone: Self-reflective, Transformational Non-fiction

Please include name, country/location,  brief personal/professional description, and website/social media handle(s)

International submissions welcomed. Must be in English.

Submissions will be reviewed. If selected, they’ll be edited and sent back for author final approval. Author maintains full copyright. Should you submit elsewhere, please be sure to add a note that the piece was first featured here at #thebeautifulstruggle. Please note- if your submission is not accepted/ doesn’t fit the tone of the platform, you’ll be informed via return reply.

*please note: submissions are unpaid at this time. Only Byline credit available.*