Fearless Traveling, Making Memories: A Conversation w/ Monet Hambrick, Part I

How many of us would love to travel the world with our children, but are afraid of a few things?

We worry if they’ll get sick, if they’ll disturb other people during flights, if we as parents will enjoy ourselves.. and the list goes on and on.

But, Monet Hambrick, founder of the traveling and parenting

Monet and her two daughters in Thailand

site http://www.thetravelingchild.co/ believes fear is limiting; you should travel anyway.


As a millenial who engaged heavily in traveling before becoming a parent, she only saw it fit to continue her global explorations as a mother, making sure to expose her children to new adventures, creating new memories along the way.

Take a tour of some of the sites she lists during the interview, post your questions for Monet over on our Instagram page  and stay tuned for part II of our conversation, airing April 25th at 8pm EST: