Balancing the Books: Motherhood and Money-Mastery


When it comes to money management, it’s not one-size-fits-all.

Money management as a millennial mom can sometimes seem daunting. And asking for help on how to manage your brand new (or growing) family can sometimes seem intimidating.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Enter Dominique Broadway of Finances Demystified , a top Millennial financial adviser and self-professed money therapist, who says planning and asking questions is key to fnancial health and vitality for mom’s. Her mission in working with mom’s and families, to entrepreneurs and builders, is to  provide education about personal finance and how to bring ‘Dreams2Reality.’

After listening to her on an episode of Levo League’s Office Hours, I knew bringing her on to talk strategy and planning would be great.

She delivered so many useful nuggets.

From making the decision to consciously create a family budget to sticking to the budget you set, Dominique shares how it’s never too early to start mapping out what it might be costing to keep your family afloat.

So don’t let fear keep you in procrastination mode. Listen in on this episode, a pen and pad might be handy, and walk away with some great tips on how to set your family up for financial success.




Dr. Tatiana Cruz: Surviving & Thriving While Mothering in Academia

“I wanted to have a family with multiple children. I always knew I wanted that.”

As millennials, we’re often told we don’t know what we want or we want too many different things at the same time. However, making a decision to fight for that which is deeply ingrained in your heart, can be key to surviving isolation, challenge, discouragement and unmerited pushback.

Just ask Dr. Tatiana M.F. Cruz.

She is currently an Assistant Professor of American History at Lesley University and holds a History and Public Policy Fellowship at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation. She holds a Ph.D in History from the University of Michigan. She is a historian of race and gender in modern U.S. culture with an emphasis on African American and Latinx history and social movements. Dr. Cruz’s research centers on black-brown racial formation, community development, and mobilizations for racial justice in Boston in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

And after listening to her present, on an amazing panel discussing issues women of color face within Academia, it was clear what she refuses to negotiate on when it comes to her life’s work and purpose.

Tatiana believes in radical, purposeful, present & engaged, loving Motherhood.

In our unfiltered, transparent, laughter-filled interview, Dr. Cruz makes it plain what is required of a millennial woman whose heart has a dual-aligned purpose; who wants to not only survive, but also thrive.

She takes us on her journey of 3 births, two VBACS, the dispelling of racial-socio-economic stereotypes, and most importantly, how she keeps her children “woke.”

Listen in below, and for more information on her presentation, resources, or to ask follow up questions, please email Dr. Cruz at tcruz4@lesley.edu.


Jena Holliday: Faith, Family, & Purpose in Entrepreneurship

“It’s about progress over perfection.”

We are back with a brand new season, and to get started, I had the pleasure of sitting with wife, mother of 2, and business owner, Jena Holliday.

I had been following her via Instagram since the early days of my pregnancy with Nathanael, and during one evening of feeling particularly distraught over having polyhydramnios, I stumbled across an encouraging post. I really connected with the way Jena has structured her business and the messages behind her illustrations.

I’ve also always had a strong connection to sunflowers, so I took it as a sign to be encouraged and not doubt the purpose of that pregnancy. I also knew we’d have to talk one day.

Jena’s about the business of encouraging mom’s to use their faith, creativity, and resources to become the entrepreneurs they feel they’re called to be.

But, she’s realistic in her approach and emphasizes how we ought not get caught up on how many followers we have. Staying authentic is the most important thing for her.

From complete honesty about conversations with her husband about starting a new business, to the steps she’s taken to become a trusted brand, Jena shares with us mom’s lots of gems about setting goals and seeing them achieved, full plate and all.

Listen in, be encouraged regardless of what season you find yourself, and remember, you never know whom you’re blessing with your creativity.

Visit Jena at the following locations:





An Educational Journey of Passion & Purpose w/ Vanessa S. Coquillo

Vanessa S. Coquillo
Wife. Mom of 2. Dir of Medical Records, Quality Assurance of JFK Behavioral Health Center. Owner @oven350.


How does she do it?

This is the question Vanessa often gets when she reveals just how many things have her attention on a daily basis. In my sit-down with this busy, but devoted wife and mother of 2, Vanessa reveals how she doesn’t have “the secret” to making it work.  Not aligning herself with the “superwoman” mentality, she simply attests the successful navigation of all her roles to “being passionate about what [she] does” and “making use of her available resources.”

While Vanessa serves as a great example of a millennial mom who is not afraid to explore her many talents and interests, it’s her dedication to obtaining her MSW, that sparked my desire to have her on the show.

I wanted millennial mom’s to know it’s possible to insert marriage and children onto the greater canvas of success; how establishing a legacy won’t derail you if you are determined.

Vanessa’s journey is one peppered with doubt, challenges, and self-examination, but she never stopped or gave up.

Listen in, as she shares the power of discipline, communication, sacrifice and “setting the end date of achievement on your desk” from the very beginning.




#MillennialDadChat: A Father’s Day Special

I [really] enjoy seeing my face in my children. I love seeing my qualities, the good ones, in them. I look at my children’s lives as my second childhood. I love reliving moments where we’re bringing cupcakes to an elementary school; I truly enjoy reliving [it] all through my children.- Devron

For me, it’s the look I get from my son; when he doesn’t want anybody else but daddy,  and it doesn’t matter how busy you are, or what you have going on with someone else, even if he’s bugging me out of my mind, when he gives me that look, it just melts me. It’s like [having] a mini-me. There’s no explaining it, it’s the best feeling in the world.- Franz

It’s given me purpose. The best thing I could be is a father to [my] kids. Even if I got the best nurse award, it wouldn’t be enough if I wasn’t a good father.- Joe

These are just a few of my favorite quotes shared during this insightful exchange between myself and three amazing father’s who understand and cherish their role as Father.

As a millennial mom, I have seldom come across material acknowledging or recognizing the experience of fatherhood from the perspective of our generation. We are always privy to things like “#momsofinstagram” or “#momlife” but in observing my own experience with my husband and children, I began to wonder: who’s giving voice to their experience?

In putting this special together, I was looking for an in-depth understanding of what father’s of this generation are feeling, experiencing, and thinking.

These three father’s did not disappoint. I got that and so much more.

From talking about how fatherhood has taught them things like time management to amplifying their leadership and role-model setting qualities, each dad authentically unpacks their individual joys and sorrows, pitfalls and peaks, coming to one general conclusion: they wouldn’t trade it for the world.

And for that, I am grateful.

For more information on Devron’s programming initiatives with MyBrother’sKeeper of New Rochelle, please click here or contact at Info@mbknewro.com.