Who is the Millenial Mom? What are her struggles? Who is her support system? How does she view motherhood in contrast to the other roles she assumes in her life?

While healing from an unplanned, but devastating c-section for the birth of my second son, I had so many unresolved questions and emotions about my experience as a mom thus far. In an attempt to heal myself and share the stories of other women, this podcast, #thebeautifulstruggle was born.

As a wife, school counselor, trained journalist, friend, sister and daughter, life is busy, but I have now assumed the role of mom; this role, more of a verb, than a noun is jam-packed with responsibility. I am now a healer, comforter, nurturer, boo-boo kisser, meal provider, prayer instructor, cheerleader, laundry cleaning provider, and I’m sure the list will grow.

How do we moms handle it all while trying to keep a smile and truly enjoy the ride in this age of perfection? Listen each episode as we explore all that and more


Mrs. Zamor