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Post Partum Hair & Skin Changes: How Roman Chamomile Came to My Rescue

A byproduct of having a c-section was losing a lot of my hair. I wasn’t prepared for that- at all.

I have always been known for having lion-mane like hair. In my memoir, I share an episode of how badly I was bullied over it, as a child.

Imagine my surprise when I gave birth to my first son, and watched it grow even more. I was ecstatic and expected the same would take place again, after the birth of my second son.

However, that did not happen at all. As a matter of fact, the opposite took place. It started to fall out. Yes, ladies, you read correctly. Post-Partum shedding took on a whole other level post my second birth. It happened so fast and so consistently, that I made the decision to cut it all off.

Again, you read that correctly. And you can see the progression in the pictures below.


1st birth, 3 mos Post Partum Hair Growth
2nd Birth, 3 mos Post Partum Massive Cut
2nd Birth, 1 year Post Partum

This is one of the more sensitive areas of the post partum experience many of us veer from discussing because we fear it will make us appear vain. But, the truth is, as many stories you read about post-birth change, you’re never really prepared for how you’ll handle what changes come your way.

Also, because this particular pregnancy and birth experience were marked by worry and trauma, I believe my body just surrendered to the emotional strain right after birth. I was also allergic to the anesthesia.  Having a Naturopath for a father, I knew stress affected hair growth, so while I was shocked at how fast it was falling out, I could accept the underlying reasons.

Cutting it all off was a big move, but one that would help me rid a lot of the energy I was holding onto post birth. It was my first wave of major healing. And that part made me feel good.

What didn’t make me feel so good, was the unexpected inconvenience of experiencing razor bumps from different styles of hair-cutting. Initially, I kept my cuts pretty high as I adjusted to the new look. But as I got more comfortable with bolder cuts, this meant the back would get shaved closer and closer.

Now, before you turn your nose up, it wasn’t an issue of my barber’s cleanliness as I, too, had jumped to immediately assume.

It was the result of my hair never having been cut so low and my first seasons of experiencing ingrown hairs.

Lord, I wasn’t ready!  But I had a secret clutch! My essential oils!

I had always known Melaleuca and Frankincense are great for dealing with skin eruptions and irritations caused by bacteria, but on one particular night. I learned how one oil would be a dual game-changer.

Roman Chamomile, an oil that has a particularly distinct scent, is an oil I’d been working with emotionally as part of a next layer emotional protocol for myself and my son to combat the remnants of birth trauma on this second anniversary. I was placing a few drops in our roller blends to support our individual sense of purpose. A near-death experience can really rock your root chakra and this particular oil works to restore a sense of purpose for life. For my son, it would support his nervous system, giving him a boost for autonomy and purpose outside of the womb.

However, on this particular night, when I realized I was out of my skin guards, I reached for my R.C. and lightly applied 2 drops to the areas of my hairline I felt were the itchiest. I am happy to report, not only did the spot not burn upon application, but the itching seized!! No longer did I feel the need to scrape my neck with my brush or pick!

So I want to implore you moms, the next time you have bikini area or underarm bumps from shaving, to reach for Roman Chamomile. You can add a few drops to your favorite carrier oil, mine is 100% organic coconut oil.

Not only will it calm those spots, but it will give you an emotional sense of purpose, which we as Mother’s can never get tired of renewing.


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