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Potty Training Trappings: A D.I.Y. Saving Grace

Two words.

Big. Messes.

Okay, so “messes” is not actually a word, but potty training nearly took me out in 2018. I cannot explain to you what the journey has been like trying to potty train my very “lemme do it myself, manman,” headstrong, ritualistic, Aries son. He is one of the most fiercely independent children you will ever come across, and while it’s one of my favorite character traits of my big boy, it nearly drove me to insanity during this process.

And to the Starbucks drive-thru window, daily, for self-soothing.

Learning how to support him in his own style of learning a skill he will be using for the rest of his life brought on LOTS of headaches. Did I say lots? I mean LOTS of what I like to call hidden “pee-pee” pools where I’d discover he’d accidentally went potty while watching an episode of “Super Why,” but would be too proud to tell me. Or when he would go number two and try to clean up by himself, but get proof of it on the toilet seat. I know some of you are already shaking your heads in judgment, wondering why I’d let a 3- year- old clean up by himself, but go back up to the part where I said, “fiercely independent.”

For my big boy, going to the potty without help has been super important and he’d literally be on the verge of tears should I have decided to intervene- better yet when my unknown OCD began to feel triggered or when I thought I couldn’t clean up one more pool. Even worse, when my other little firecracker, who airs on the side of heavy curiosity, would get to the “pools” before me.

Y’all, it was intense.

But what saved me from smelling like walking Clorox and the harshness of some other popular cleaning agents, was three very powerful, but natural and SAFE, tools, which cleansed, purified, and gave fresh scent to all of my toddler-traumatized surfaces.

Meet my essential oil DIY cleaning trio. Lemon (for refreshing, citrus scent), Oregano (for natural cleansing chemical compounds), and Melaleuca (for being a great, natural disinfecting agent used by Aboriginal peoples for centuries).

Not only does this trio get the job done, each and every time, but popping it in the diffuser at the end of the day leaves my home smelling like fresh earth. You can also add wild orange if you’re looking for warm notes or peppermint, if you need a brighter note. It reminds me of Leogane, Haiti and that’s the saving grace!

Here’s my two fold recipe:

IMG_20181220_082009186_2 (1)
The Clean-up Trio  Photo Credit: Laura Eustache

For the “pee-pee pools” I use 2-3 drops of lemon, 1-2 drops of oregano, 2-3 drops of melaleuca in a 3 ounce spritz bottle filled with water. Shake it up for even distribution and spray directly into the “pools.” Wipe away with paper towel. Spray as many times as desired.

*FOLLOW MY DROP COUNT FOR OREGANO. It’s powerful and potent, not dangerous, just potent, so a little goes a long way.*

For number two issues, I apply 3-4 drops of lemon, 2-3 drops of oregano, and 4 drops of melaleuca directly to a wet wipe (huggies or whatever you have) and wipe away. After stains are gone, I usually do one last swipe of a plain wipe.

For mama’s who have smaller or brand new babies in the household, this is also perfect because they’re are no fumes or harmful pesticides being released as you clean. Super important as you want to protect babes developing brain and limbic system. If you’re breastfeeding and Oregano gets on your skin, simply wash with warm water and soap. Not because it’s harmful, but because undiluted, it may cause irritation to sensitive skin, and that includes baby.

As always, any questions? Send an email or a DM!



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