Life After Neonatal Loss: Claire Daniels Talks Embracing Motherhood a Second Time Around

Her first time with us, here at #thebeautifulstruggle, was marked by bravery- the courage to recant what it’s like being pregnant for the first time, but losing the baby under harrowing circumstances. 550709_10100794388775348_95031784_n

Claire Daniels is a survivor who let her guards down to share her story to lift up and shine a light on mother’s and father’s who are silently dealing with grief, sadness, and the fear of trying again.

But in this episode, we learn how life can take an unexpected turn as she humbly returns to shine a light on perseverance, faith, surrender, and the ultimate joy of becoming a Mother, once again.

This final episode of season two will leave you in awe of God’s power and grace, what happens when you face the fear of loss head on, and what it means to live with a heart open to love after loss.

Tune in to Claire’s episode below as she unpacks becoming a Mother after neonatal loss.


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