Miracles & Motherhood: Jessica McDermott Talks Life After Cancer

I’m a mom and I’m going to have to battle cancer as a business owner.

Jessica McDermott is more than a survivor.

She’s a victor.26233387_10102857782797242_7486435403895665930_o

At just six months post-partum, after the birth of her second child, Jessica discovered she had cancer.

At 24 years old. Let that sink in for a second.

When I first heard of Jessica’s story, I was halted in my tracks, wondering what must have been going through her mind? What was her body was going through, still pretty early post-partum, and just what would this diagnosis mean for her at the time?

We’ve never shied away from talking about the most harrowing experiences of health and motherhood, so I knew talking to her would be a must.

And what an amazingly insightful conversation it was.

Jessica candidly shares how she equipped herself emotionally to fight, how she mustered the courage to be there for not only herself, but her first child and fiance. Jessica bravely takes us through what it was like as an entrepreneur, having to put her business on hold, all in the name of courageously fighting, and overcoming, Hodgkin Lymphoma.

The most amazing part?  Learning she would become a new mom, again.

Listen in for an amazing recant of miracles, motherhood and what a cancer survivor doesn’t want to hear.

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