From Trial to Triumph: Fathiyyah Doster Talks Surviving Preeclampsia

“As a first-time mom, I didn’t know if this was normal.”

Multiple organ failure. More than 100 days in the hospital for recovery.

A mother, business owner, and educator, Fathiyyah Doster is making it her life’s mission to make sure every expecting mother is aware of the danger of Preeclampsia.IMG_20180123_170854_658

At almost 37 weeks, Fathiyyah recalls experiencing an abnormal sensation one evening, that made her wonder if she was going into labor. Thinking it was a little more than gas and bloating, she decided to call a friend.

Knowing her body and trusting her gut, she decided to go to the hospital and checked.

It’s a decision that saved her life.

Abnormally high blood pressure and experiencing a seizure on site, Fathiyyah would have no choice but to deliver her baby immediately.

What Fathiyyah recants for us in this episode is resiliency at its very best. We learn through her detailed storytelling that listening to your body is paramount, trusting its ability to heal and be restored is life-saving.

Listen in to her story below.




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