Dr. Naika Talks Wholeness, Wellness, & the Millennial Mom

  We have a tendency of separating ourselves from nature when we are in fact apart of nature.

#Selfcare, #Selflove, #Selfhealing

Millennial mom’s are being inundated with methods of keeping our bodies in optimal health. Whether you are trying to conceive, are successfully pregnant or navigating the changing waters of post-partum, there is some educational space devoted to teaching you something new.

But what about making these methods practical in a world so fast-paced?naika pic

Meet Dr. Naika Apeakorang.

A Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, and Herbalist, Dr. Naika specializes in hormones, digestion, and mind-body balance, but she also loves educating her local community through workshops. I loved Dr. Naika’s down-to-earth approach and knew she could help us sift through the overwhelming options of reconnecting our mind, body and spirit to nature.

She delivered.

From specific acupuncture points that help with gestational discomforts to which teas help tone the body post-birth, Dr. Naika helps us get grounded in it all.

Listen in below and don’t be afraid to stop, start, and rewind!

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