Jena Holliday: Faith, Family, & Purpose in Entrepreneurship

“It’s about progress over perfection.”

We are back with a brand new season, and to get started, I had the pleasure of sitting with wife, mother of 2, and business owner, Jena Holliday.

I had been following her via Instagram since the early days of my pregnancy with Nathanael, and during one evening of feeling particularly distraught over having polyhydramnios, I stumbled across an encouraging post. I really connected with the way Jena has structured her business and the messages behind her illustrations.

I’ve also always had a strong connection to sunflowers, so I took it as a sign to be encouraged and not doubt the purpose of that pregnancy. I also knew we’d have to talk one day.

Jena’s about the business of encouraging mom’s to use their faith, creativity, and resources to become the entrepreneurs they feel they’re called to be.

But, she’s realistic in her approach and emphasizes how we ought not get caught up on how many followers we have. Staying authentic is the most important thing for her.

From complete honesty about conversations with her husband about starting a new business, to the steps she’s taken to become a trusted brand, Jena shares with us mom’s lots of gems about setting goals and seeing them achieved, full plate and all.

Listen in, be encouraged regardless of what season you find yourself, and remember, you never know whom you’re blessing with your creativity.

Visit Jena at the following locations:




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