An Educational Journey of Passion & Purpose w/ Vanessa S. Coquillo

Vanessa S. Coquillo
Wife. Mom of 2. Dir of Medical Records, Quality Assurance of JFK Behavioral Health Center. Owner @oven350.


How does she do it?

This is the question Vanessa often gets when she reveals just how many things have her attention on a daily basis. In my sit-down with this busy, but devoted wife and mother of 2, Vanessa reveals how she doesn’t have “the secret” to making it work.  Not aligning herself with the “superwoman” mentality, she simply attests the successful navigation of all her roles to “being passionate about what [she] does” and “making use of her available resources.”

While Vanessa serves as a great example of a millennial mom who is not afraid to explore her many talents and interests, it’s her dedication to obtaining her MSW, that sparked my desire to have her on the show.

I wanted millennial mom’s to know it’s possible to insert marriage and children onto the greater canvas of success; how establishing a legacy won’t derail you if you are determined.

Vanessa’s journey is one peppered with doubt, challenges, and self-examination, but she never stopped or gave up.

Listen in, as she shares the power of discipline, communication, sacrifice and “setting the end date of achievement on your desk” from the very beginning.



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