Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon, Home-Birth, & Staying True to Self

This, if I had to choose, is THE biggest lesson I learned along the way of birthing our sun: keep your dreams close to you and share with a trusted circle of friends and family. Share more, if you choose, as the dream matures.- Dr. Griselda Rodriguez- Solomon


Here at #thebeautifulstruggle we believe in holding space for truth, wisdom, and experience-sharing. It’s an opportunity to have a “red tent” moment as millennial women, especially in a society where everyone is so used to jumping from one social interaction to the next; sometimes with no reflection or depth, in an effort to keep up.

Having Dr. Griselda as a recurring guest on the show, and holding space for her to share her expertise in all things Sociology & Women’s Health, only seemed like the most natural thing to do; her honesty, transparency, and life-changing experiences serve to educate us all, without sprinkles or romanticizing.

In her latest piece, simply entitled, HOMEBIRTH,” Dr. Griselda ushers us into the intimate space of a mother making powerful, personal decisions; being honest with herself and having the courage to go the route less traveled.

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griselda doula
Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon; wife, mom, sociologist, professor, Birth Doula

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