Pt.2 “Post-Partum, the Doula & Help” An Exploration of Grief, Transparency & Accepting Help After Birth

Any mother can tell you, after the baby is born, serious help is needed.

We live in a society which only affords mother’s up to 12 weeks paid leave from work. Do you know what is transpiring within those 12 weeks post-birth?

Let me paint the picture….

I need you to envision a mother just having given birth. If it’s vaginal, she may have gotten stitches. If it was via C-section, she’s just undergone a major operation.  She is now going home to care for herself, her baby, and perhaps the rest of her family.

She will not be able to sleep a full eight hours for the next 3-6 mos. depending on her child’s needs and feeding habits. Her life will change in ways she may not have anticipated; ways in which women seldom reveal to each other or others, for fear of being judged or misunderstood.

Perhaps, during this fragile time, she is also dealing with the loss of a family member, spouse, friend, pet, or is unknowingly entering the beginning the stages of post-partum depression.

While this might all sound sad, overwhelming, or even downright discouraging, it is a reality for many women. However, with the help of a post-partum Doula, support can be provided for this new mom in a variety of ways.

This episode, featuring Charisse and Donna, serves to remove the stigma that us mom’s need to “go it alone.”

From dealing with cultural expectations of being “strong” to navigating the space of grief and its proper management, these two ladies help to shatter misinformation tied to ego, fear, and judgment; letting us know it’s absolutely okay to seek help, support and sanctuary during this fragile time, most don’t acknowledge as such.

As mentioned in the episode, Charisse Harris can be reached at 646. 526.3481 or via email at charisse.d.harris@gmail.com. If you are in the NYC area and need a post-partum Doula, she serves as a wonderful resource. You may also want to contact her for more information on creating a Doula registry, as also mentioned in this episode, or just for more information.

Donna Olivia Owusu-Ansah‘s information and writings can be found on the right panel of this site, under ‘experts.’


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