episode 3: Millenials, A Collective Identity

Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon

Lazy. Overly-Ambitious. Entitled.


Unfortunately, these are just some of the negative descriptors an entire generation of folks have become associated with.

Although we know there are many amazing entrepreneurs, movers and shakers, and humanitarians who have come from the Millenial generation or GEN Y, research shows the extreme spectrum of identifiers has left an undeniable impact on our generation; how we see ourselves and our interaction with others, responsibility, relationships and life in general, definitely goes through extreme hi’s and low’s.

This episode, I wanted to delve deeper into what societal factors have worked for and against us, in correlation with identity development. Sitting down with Sociologist and CUNY Professor, Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon, was a must.

As a wife, mother, and Doula who interacts with 20-somethings on a regular basis through her university work, Griselda offers a great perspective on just who is the Millenial, what are her struggles, and how can she cope to create balance in her mothering.


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