Episode 1: Moving Past Pain- One Mother’s Journey Through Neonatal Loss,Grief, and the Road to Healing


Just pray about it.

Everything will be okay.

You’ll heal.

God will bless you with another baby.

These are just some of the statements told to mothers who have lost children due to miscarriage or neonatal death.

Becoming an expecting mother for the first time can bring on a host of emotions; from extreme joy, to anxiety, to downright fear, pregnancy can be one heck of a roller-coaster ride. Any woman can tell you her number one priority is to make sure her baby comes out safe and healthy. But what do you do when complications beyond your control, as a mother, arise? How do you navigate the reality of losing a child right after birth due to an undetected deformity?

One brave mother, Claire Daniels, gives listeners an up-close and personal look at her own dramatic and life-changing experience, while bringing us into her current space of healing.

In this debut episode of the #thebeautifulstruggle you’ll hear about what it’s like to manage grief as a first-time mother, how to find power in therapy, and why all support is not good support when a mother has lost her child.

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